You want to know ALIVE looks and feels? Check out the promo material for ALIVE 2 below.


ALIVE proudly uses POWERMUSIC.

To be able to use the same music as the  ALIVE releases, you will need to be subscribed to POWERMUSIC  (available internationally as a downloadable album or in the app)

A new ALIVE playlist is collated each quarter. A playlist album for ALIVE is approximately USD$15 as a one off or you can subscribe for unlimited music access (great if you teach freestyle or alternate programs that you create).

Please visit

Please note music subscription fees, music fees and rights

are operated and charged by Powermusic

Music for release 2

have a listen

In your BASICS VIRTUAL TRAINING, you receive a training manual and a series of videos to follow along at your own pace. There are educational pieces that explain the technique and coaching involved in teaching ALIVE.

You also receive access to ALL the releases created for studio classes.

With every release, you will receive a movement-to-music booklet, a link to the playlist used through Powermusic,  and a demonstration video of the class. To become certified you need to send in a copy of you teaching any release (minimum 3 cardio tracks and 2 sculpt tracks) applying the skills learned in training. 

BASICS VIRTUAL TRAINING package is suitable for the experienced instructor. 


Do you want to offer ALIVE at your gym or club? 

Well, then we would love to have you.

We want good quality and fun movement to music out into your community, so no franchise fees to offer the program at your club !

At ALIVE we would love you to teach in gyms, in community groups... wherever you can be a positive influence in your community... hence no franchise fees.

If your gym wants ALIVE on their timetable, then GO FOR IT. 

We just ask that there are certified teachers who have gone through the BASICS TRAINING for ALIVE. We teach you everything you need to know to be able to run your own class, with confidence. 

Your club will need to ensure they have the right music license and access to Powermusic to be able to play the music from the ALIVE albums in studios. 

( Instructor requirements differ from country to country, please check with your region on the music license you need to teach in fitness studios)