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BASICS is the initial training an instructor needs to complete in order to start their journey towards becoming an #NLC ALIVE instructor.

Training involves setting up the teacher for success by familiarizing them with the 3-step coaching model as well as the lifestyle values ALIVE is based on.

BASICS can be completed online or in person.

Please contact Nats to schedule your area in.

Minimum numbers are required.

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LEGIT | 02

LEGIT| 02 ​

Legit utilises BASICS training and incorporates 1:1 coaching  for an instructor that is brand new to teaching movement to music. The 1:1 coaching sessions  (run online) aim to build up the foundations of group fitness  instructing using the ALIVE BASICS training and the support of a coach. 

The timeline of development and sessions scheduled is decided by the pace of the instructors own learning and development. Tools such as video analysis, coach structuring and movement dissection are used.

At the completion of the training, the instructor is a certified ALIVE instructor.


SHINE| 03 

AT ALIVE we believe in the power of the people. SHINE is the platform to express interest in being a trainer in ALIVE and presenting with the team at BASICS training masterclasses/ workshops as well as the filmed class footage delivered in the INSTRUCTOR TOOLKIT. This is open to all and the only minimum requirement is that the instructor has lived the values of the program for 6 months.  

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