BASICS is the initial virtual training an instructor needs to complete in order to start their journey towards becoming an ALIVE instructor.

Training involves setting up the teacher for success by familiarizing them with the 3-step coaching model as well as the lifestyle values ALIVE is based on.

BASICS is completed online and in your own time. Release 1 and 2 are included.

FULL PACKAGE for ALIVE training is also available with all 6 releases in training.

The training is based on release 1 and you can follow along with a virtual training masterclass at your own pace.

Certification is achieved via video submission of any release. 

Hit the "Let's Chat" below if you require live training of instructors in your area. We have regional senior instructors and trainers around the world. 



At ALIVE we believe in the power of the people.

SHINE is the opportunity to express interest in being a trainer in ALIVE and presenting BASICS training in your area and timezone.  This is open to all and the only minimum requirement is that the instructor has lived the values of the program for 6 months.  

To see more or discuss possible work let's talk >>

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